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Driver CPC Update

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Driver CPC | 0 comments

Driver CPC is a great way to update drivers knowledge and also increase professionalism within our industry. So why are so many drivers against it? I understand that there is a cost involved but Transport has been the only industry that hasn’t had any further/ on-going¬†training once drivers passed their test.

Driver CPC is something that is here to stay and I think that it is a great thing, only a few months ago I trained a driver that had very little knowledge on tachograph and drivers hours. Back before DCPC he would have just got a new digi card and been off out driving probably breaking the law without knowing about it!!! But now he is up to date with the legislation and can keep safe and legal.

I wish DCPC had better trainers, I regularly hear that trainers just read off a screen or that they are really boring, training doesn’t have to be that way. We run fun classes that are delivered by qualified trainers that also have a long and diverse background in transport. I don’t understand if you are not getting anything from your trainer then CHANGE provider, we are GOOD. Only last week we had the following feedback “always a pleasure being on a course given by Becci, Easy to listen to and informative”

I promise we deliver great courses at a great price, If you are not sure we are more than happy to have a manager sit in a course before hand to make sure that its suitable. Not only that, if you have larger groups more than 20 we will be willing to write bespoke courses for your drivers.

More that just a trainer we are truly an inspiring place to learn develop and achieve.

For more information or to book please don’t hesitiate to contact us.

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